Amy Kersey has been working in corporate professional development since 2001. She is a skilled and empathetic role-player, a talented acting teacher and a qualified private and executive coach who in 2013 completed a Graduate Certificate in Coaching Psychology at the University of Sydney as well as further training in Narrative Coaching with David Drake. As well as coaching individuals, she has led workshops and role-plays and facilitated training events for employees at PWC, QANTAS, Aon, Railcorp, Estee Lauder, NAB, Westpac and ANZ, among others.


Evidence-based coaching techniques have proven to have lasting effects on life satisfaction, wellbeing and work engagement. Beneficiaries of the techniques are more productive; they communicate effectively and channel their passion into effective relationships and strong leadership and problem-solving. Working with Amy gives a participant a rare opportunity to re-evaluate his or her deeply held values and to reconnect with a sense of purpose and meaning in all aspects of life. This coaching is holistic; Amy draws on a suite of skills and techniques and coaches with insight and generosity.


Amy has been training and coaching professional actors since 2009. She approaches scripts with an expert’s eye; she guides performers to the truest and most effective possible interaction with the writing and with their scene partners. She learned improvisation with Lyn Pierse and Stella Adler technique with Lynette Sheldon; in 2013 she refined her acting teaching with an immersive course at the Anthony Meindl Actor Workshop in LA and went on to open his Sydney studio. Anthony’s open-hearted, right-brained approach to acting and life is the perfect distillation of Amy’s beliefs about coaching and performance.