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Thank you for taking such good care of Mother Zen, nurturing it like it too was a baby, with just the right amount of tenderness, compassion and conviction. I am so grateful to have had you as the ‘voice’ in my head as I waded through your meticulous edit notes. A fine editor and fellow mother who dished out sound suggestions and timely morale boosts … you gently guided me to write better, and I’ll always be indebted to you for looking out for me, just as you promised from the outset. You were on my wavelength. Jacinta Tynan

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 Just a quick note to thank you sincerely for the copy edit you performed on The Last Quarrel. Not only did your notes and comments help make TLQ a better book, but they also allowed me to change a few things in book two, The Bloody Quarrel, making the story as a whole better. I count myself fortunate to have a copy editor who both enjoyed my work and saw where it can be improved. I do hope I can surprise you again in the rest of the series! Many thanks for a great job. Duncan Lay

Quote markI can tell you it makes a difference to me as an author to have someone like you who is actually really knowledgeable about my style of writing. It’s a fine and sensitive edit you have done, thanks Kate … am delighting in going through the manuscript and seeing the ways in which you have tightened and improved it. I loved the fact you allowed me to be lyrical — as is my wont! Libby Hathorn

Quote markTo my editor Kate O’Donnell, defender of bums, vintage port and orthopaedic pillows. Thank you for your wise guidance. Victoria Purman

Quote mark For an author receiving an edited manuscript it is usually a confronting time. It takes a while to digest and understand where the editor is coming from and to use those observations to the book’s best advantage. A key factor in this is having an editor who ‘gets’ or at least enjoys reading your manuscript. Someone who is considerate but thorough when they make suggestions. I got all this and more from your work on my book. It was a delight to work with you and I hope we may do so again sometime. Margareta Osborn

Quote markMany thanks for your kind words about Elianne. I’m glad you liked it so much — in fact your comments really made my day! … Many thanks for all your hard work and for your excellent notes … you did a great job. Judy Nunn

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Thank you for guiding me again through the novel, for your comments, your insight and your understanding. Jackie French

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My thanks again for all of the skill and TLC you bring to Jackie’s books. You are such a key part of Team Jackie and we appreciate your hard work and professionalism enormously. Lisa Berryman, publisher of Jackie French

Quote markWith all the books I’ve had published, I’ve never worked with an editor who is so much on the same wavelength as I am, with such an excellent ‘bedside manner’. JH Fletcher

Quote markThank you once again for a thorough edit. I have appreciated your comments and careful eye in all three books in this series. In fact, I have been grateful that you were allowed to read all three manuscripts. Not just for the continuity, but I have noticed you seem to ‘get’ what I’m trying to say easily. Loretta Hill


Quote markKate, I can’t thank you enough for the care and commitment you put into helping me refine and revise my very big and very difficult manuscript. This shaggy beast of a thing has been driving me crazy for years now, but you were able to help me peel away the dross and see the real story, themes and characters inside. I now feel like I’ve got a work that’s ready to go to publishers and actually deserves publication! Your approach to editing is compassionate, generous, tough yet well-reasoned. You’ve not only helped me with this manuscript, but maybe you’ve helped me take a step or two towards being a better writer. In any case, I’ll be back with the next one! Venero Armanno

Quote markThank you to Kate O’Donnell, for pushing me in all the right directions; Watershed would never have made it to the shelves without youJane Abbott, signed to Gaby Naher agency, publishing with Penguin Random House

Quote markMentor Kate O’Donnell looked at my concept and early attempts at writing, picked out the bones and spotted the gems before sending me back to the drawing board. Many times. Always with some new tools, a firm hand, practical encouragement and genuine kindness.

Kate is a literary chameleon who can discuss style at length, yet was OK when the voice that fell from the tree onto the page was all mine. She is generous, clever and a hoot to work with. If you are serious about engaging a professional editor to mentor you and scrutinise your work, I cannot recommend her enough. Kirsty Manning, signed to Curtis Brown, publishing with Allen & Unwin

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Thanks for the feedback you gave on my novella, Ironbark, feedback which has now gone toward the manuscript being shortlisted for the Wheeler Centre’s Award for an Unpublished Manuscript! I am very grateful for your comments that helped reshape the work — I am speechless and just wanted you to know that I really appreciate your helpJay CarmichaelIronbark (shortlisted for Vic Prem Award for unpublished manuscripts; published by Scribe)

Quote markI cannot recommend Kate highly enough. Good editing is a fine balance between the pull of understanding what an author is trying to do, and the push of making them do it better. Kate achieves that balance superbly. She’s never afraid to express her (very valuable) opinion about what would make a manuscript better, but she does that in a way that’s easy to hear. I was nervous about using a freelance editor but within the first minute of reading Kate’s initial report, I knew my MS had improved beyond measure. When I then sat down with Kate and discussed the ideas raised, the improvement increased exponentially. Very highly recommended. Ged Gillmore

Quote markYou are a brilliant reader. And a writer I might add. I’m so impressed with your synopsis! You’ve got the novel nailed and you’ve identified the time issues … good advice on many fronts. Thank you very much for your professionalism. I’m pretty lucky that you agreed to take me on. Gay Lynch